We are comming Soon...

The new era of Next Intelligence Innovation is on the way.

A quick and real-quality delivery to demand can be truly satisfying but, we see a big differenc at the need of market and actual service delivery in this days. The major young population of tha nation is willing to get employed and it is meaningfull to hold them in nation. It matters, each one is skilled or unskilled but on comming days we are here for that. Our organization will provide employment, skills and trainings, let them master those with real practical and keep multiplying skills and employments. We see forward to bring change and we will always keep the participation to our uptimum potentiol. We believe in technology and technological innovation. Belive or not, AViTQ is a new innovation concept for Media IT industry and skilled manpower generation.

It's time to do the best work of your life.

Up-releasing highlight & short glimpse about us

We would happly like to share you that we cover all the Industrial operation, and Media It Services. Following list includs partial highlights of our expected announcements.
  • Practical Trainings
  • Nationwide Digitization
  • Media IT Services and
  • Technological Innovations